50 Was Supposed to Be Better Than This!

Do you ever dread turning a certain age? But, the closer it gets the more determined you get to make it a great year, or decade? I did that with 50. I dreaded it for a couple of months, hated the thought of it and then decided, “Screw this! I’m going to rock 50!”

Well, it hasn’t actually worked that way. I’ve pretty much been more moody since turning 50. Of course, no one around me would really know that, except my husband. And no, I do not take it out on him. We have a system… Read More

You Might Like Me…If…

Here’s the Raw – Real me…

See? I may be a smart ass, but I’m a cute, 50 year old smart ass. 🙂

I don’t candy coat shit. I try to tell it like it is. If your feelings are easily hurt, it’s best if you don’t ask me anything.

I’m a super nice person, but I don’t have time for whiny asses and I don’t take shit for very long. I am extremely soft-hearted, but I don’t live by my emotions or all that touchy-feely nonsense. One of my base mottos is, “Suck it up, Buttercup. Get over it and move forward.”

I use the word ‘shit’, probably too much, but there it is! Read More

What Is This Private Label Rights PLR Stuff?

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

So, if you’ve decided to become an internet marketer or a blogger, you’ve probably heard about this PLR stuff around the “virtual” water cooler. It’s also known as private label rights content.

So, what the heck is PLR?

PLR is content, or articles, that have been prewritten for you. Most are sold in packs and you can buy them for about a dollar per article. So, if a pack contains 10 articles, it will cost you $10. Some people sell them for $2 an article, so a ten pack would cost you $20. That’s still an awesome deal. Read More

Creating New Habits For Your New Lifestyle

Okay guys, let’s talk about habits. Creating new habits or better habits, to be specific. We all have times in our lives where we intentionally want to change our behavior for the better and create new habits for ourselves. This could be getting in the habit of eating healthier and drinking more water. Or it could be getting more physical activity or spending more time with our family and friends. Or it could be work related, or spiritual, or… you get the idea.

But, getting into the habit of doing something is often easier said than done. Did you catch that play on words, getting into the habit? LOL. We seem to acquire bad habits without any effort, but getting into a “good” habit can be a little a lot more challenging. Read More

Choosing A Niche To Build A Business Around

If you’re new to online marketing, you may not understand what a niche is. Let’s cover the definition before we get into how to choose one that fits your life and style.

So, What is a Niche Anyway?

A niche is a particular topic or area of interest within a broad market or industry. Chances are you want to run a small business, so, you do not want to sell a little bit of everything like Amazon. Amazon is considered a mega store–leave that to people who have mega bucks.

What you want to do is set up a specialty shop where you focus on a smaller market, or a service based business where you offer a few services, or a targeted information business where you create and sell information products. Read More